Mason Huxley was started by three brothers; Andrew, Steve and Brad.  We started Mason Huxley for the simple reason that we couldn't find a cool stylish kids watch for Steve's young son.  We looked everywhere, but the only watches we could find were either too big and bulky, or they were made out of cheap plastic and rubber.  So, we decided to go out and make our own. Our watches are made out of surgical grade stainless steel, genuine leather, and hardened glass. They not only look good and are premium, but they are durable enough to stand up to your kids active lifestyle.

Our watches are made for kids who want to be themselves, for those who are unique and want to show their individuality, for those that want to be adventurous, for the explorers, future scientists, and artists.



We deliver high quality stylish watches for kids. We use premium materials like 316L stainless steel, genuine leather, and hardened glass. We are so confident that you'll love them we offer a 2 year guarantee, plus free worldwide shipping and returns. 


We believe that companies have a social responsibility as well as a responsibility to their customers. We believe in bringing people together, and being inclusive. We also believe in limiting our environmental impact.


Our packaging is made to be reusable, so instead of the packaging being used once you send it back to us and it gets used again, and doesn't end up in a landfill.